Pretty Boys in Ray-Bans

Real Gay Engagement Los Angeles, CA: Robbie and Allen:

“I (Allen) had been on gay dating sites for years, but never met anyone worth dating. Finally, when the day came for my membership to expire, I logged on that Monday morning to delete my profile and cancel the membership. I had one last “wink” in my inbox to look at, and it was Robbie. I looked at his profile and completely fell for him immediately. His photos brought out his amazing personality, and it was very obvious to me we would get along tremendously.

As for Robbie, the experience of us meeting was a little more stressful. Robbie had been struggling with his sexuality for some time. He had peeked at gay dating sites for a while, and came across my profile quite a few times, but wasn’t quite ready to take the leap and create his own profile. One weekend, after a horrible situation with the guy he had gone on a couple dates with, he drove from LA to San Diego where his best friends live so he could clear his mind and focus. Late that night he created his profile, found me, and nervously winked. Jump ahead 24 hours when I responded to him via email, talked on the phone, and met the next day. The rest is history. Had I cancelled my membership a day earlier, or Robbie winked me a day later, we would have never met!

We’re both complete romantics. So, for our 2nd anniversary, Robbie decided to take me on a surprise trip. He told me to get these certain dates off work and to leave the rest to him. He gave me NO clues as to where we were going, and even went as far as to pack all my clothes for me. He woke me up early in the morning, we got ready, got into his car, and started driving. He asked me to open the glove compartment where I found 6 envelopes labeled #1-#6. He had set up a map of locations of which I was only allowed to know where we were going next. Long story short (although you’ll see that NONE of my stories are short), we drove from LA up the California coast on HWY 1 along the amazing coastline. Big Sur for lunch, Moneterey Bay Aquarium in the afternoon, and ended just before sundown at the Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay. We checked into our beautiful room with a private lanai and firepit, lit a fire, grabbed a glass of wine, and sat outside watching the sunset. Robbie, with the movie “UP” as his inspiration presented me a “Our Adventure Book”….pages and pages of photos of our life together. The last page had a blank page for “future adventures”. He then said, “you have something else inside”. I walked into the room to find something I’d had my eye on for a year….a Luis Vuitton travel duffel bag! In my absolutely excitement, he told me there was one more thing. WHAT!….MORE??? He pulled out the luggage tag, and I opened it, completely shocked. Inside the tag was a card that read “The future starts now. Will you Marry me?” I jumped, screamed “OF COURSE!”, hugged him and cried! To this day, thinking back to that moment still brings me to tears. It was perfect!

Currently our plan is to get officially married in Boston the weekend of October 1. We will have only our very close family in Boston with us, then will have a fantastic event here in Los Angeles where we can share our love with ALL our friends and family.”

100% done.

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